10 ThingsYour Single Friends Can’t Tell You…

1. Eating alone sucks

When I suggest lunch instead of coffee, it’s because the thought of eating microwaved leftovers with the cat staring at me again makes me want to cry.
2. Sleeping alone sucks

Even after two years, there are nights that I can’t sleep because the quiet is so loud, and the pillows jammed up against my back don’t radiate heat like a human
3. I’m starved for physical affection

We’re not made to go through life without feeling each other’s touch. I need that hug hello and goodbye, because I don’t have a lover’s caress at night, or a babe in arms anymore. When I hook up with that guy from the bar, it is as much for the physical affection as the sex. And yes, I realize it won’t lead anywhere, and I am ok with that.
4. Trying to find someone to do something with is really difficult

Sometimes I end up going out with that douche bag just because I want to see a concert. You and your partner are holed up doing couple things at night and on weekends. If I go out alone, it’s assumed that I am there to pick up a dude. I often stay home alone to avoid that scenario.
5. That friend of ours ends up with the ass-hat because dating is hard work, and being alone sucks

I totally understand why people settle. I consider it 50 times a day, but just can’t make myself. The question of how much to put up with, though- or what you can accept, is very personal. The struggle is real, and not a decision we ever thought we would have to make.
6.The loneliness is overwhelming at times

I have a physical desire to flee from my empty apartment. Like Hugh Grant in About A Boy, I try to plan and schedule things just to fill up my day. Sometimes I feel most lonely when I am in a group of people
7. I need to know that I’m still important to you

I no longer have someone who consults me before every big decision, who wants to hear what my day was like, or who thinks of me first thing in the morning or last thing at night. I need to know that I haven’t lost you as well.
8. I’m trying

Trying to work through the loneliness, create a new life, date smartly, figure out what I want to do, and still take care of my obligations
Try not to judge me…we all stumble and make mistakes. I am no exception
9. My relationships have all changed

I didn’t just loose my partner, I have become an anomaly in the the eyes of the world. My family, friends, strangers, my children, and of course my ex, all treat me differently now. I am still the same person, please just treat me the same.
It’s difficult to ask for help

I am not one to reach out and inconvenience you with my problems, but I would not refuse help if offered. We all need help sometimes.


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