Registration Day

   My kid goes to this cool charter school where she can express herself creatively, and  do her academics independently. It’s great that she can take dance classes at school for free- she has been dancing since she was 6, and after the split I couldn’t manage the studio/competition fees anymore. She has also become involved with drama, which is another great outlet for her. It keeps her busy, and she is a very independent student so she does well in her academics.
   This morning was her appointment to register for on campus classes for next year. You get assigned a priority block according to several factors, including how long you’ve been a student there, and if you had siblings that attended. My older son did not attend there, and even though this is my daughters third year, she gets priority block 3. Her friends whose sibling went there is Priority Block 1. Her friend who is a year ahead of her is in the same Priority Block. What this means, is that she will never be able to move up. Priority registration is saved for the kids whose siblings attended, or who started in 7th grade ( they offer junior high and high school).
   We got to school an hour before her appointment. There was already a line of people. I heard that some people lined up at 5am (our appointment was at 9). It doesn’t matter, though- many classes are already filled from the first two priority blocks. We stood in line for an hour, waiting to be let in the gate. By the time the gate was open, it was hot. I was sweaty and had gotten sunburned.
   Once through the gate, you have to find the table with the first letter of your last name on it, and wait in line there for your registration card. Then you have to go in the MPR where you have to wait in each individual line for each class.
   My daughter got on the wait list for Spanish, chemistry, and Algebra 2. Last year she was wait listed for all of her academic subjects, but never got into any of them. Her school requires two years of a language to graduate, and you have to take the on campus class- there is no independent study available. They only offer French and Spanish, and only have one teacher for each. That’s not enough space for every student. If she can’t get into the class in the first two weeks, she will have to take it at the junior college in order to graduate.
   She did get into two dance classes, and drama. It looks like her schedule will be similar to last years, with a full day of dancing and acting, and academics done at home.
The registration process, and lack of ability to get into classes is my only complaint about this school….but it’s a biggee!


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