Tales of Tinderization

   Everyone and their grandmother seems to be complaining about how bad Tinder is….but it’s actually worked out kind of great for me ( for the most part). When I was alone in Austin for work, I managed to meet up with a couple nice gentlemen who took me out to dinner and expected nothing but dinner conversation in return.
   I met one guy in Austin that I had an unexpected connection with. His profile pictures were horrible….him standing in front of awesome places, but you couldn’t make out his face. He seemed keen to share his town with, and interesting enough, so we met for dinner in South Congress. He chose a very Austin vegetarian restaurant. I didn’t even recognize him when he showed up…he had this amazing long curly hair that hadn’t been in the pictures, and nerdy black glasses. He was adorable, and had a great voice, as well as an interesting perspective on life.
   We really connected over dinner. Conversation flowed freely, and we took turns being fascinated at what the other had to say. After dinner, we decided to walk down to a nearby bar. Upstairs was a retro lounge area where we ran into some of his friends. I don’t drink much anymore, but I went with my old standard Long Island Iced Tea. I think I’ve built up a tolerance to them over the years, and it always seem to impress the men that I can handle them.
   We had more great conversation, and got a little more intimate, then we snuck back downstairs to watch a band. We got a little more tipsy, and a little more physical, and ended up back at my hotel. He was an excellent lover, and it came at the perfect time for me. I hadn’t been with anyone since my last boyfriend, and was nervous about getting back out there. I was too turned on to think about that, and he made everything seem so natural. The perfect night!
   This morning, I had a very promising coffee date- also from Tinder. This guy actually lives near me (hallelujah!), and seems interesting. There was definitely a physical connection, so we’ll see where it goes.
   Tinder is working well….except for the time that I opened up my Tinder to find my 16 year old daughter….!
We won’t talk about that.


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