Middle of Nowhere

   When I say that I’m from California, people assume that I live in a bustling burrow next to the beach, with celebrities as neighbors and perfect weather every day. The truth is that I live in the middle of nowhere in the desert. I live in a town that is very proud of the fact that it remains a ‘town’, and not a ‘city’. We do have stoplights, a Super Target, and a movie theater…..but I don’t think there are any buildings taller than two stories. There are several small surrounding cities, but you have to go through a mountain pass to get further than that (or lots of desert in the other direction).
   Living in such an out of the way place makes dating a difficult thing. You go on a dating website, and it’s the same 20 guys who have been there for the last three years. Most of them are not so interested in dating as much as hooking up. Tinder can’t even find anyone. We have one Uber driver….it takes 20 minutes for him to come.
   Living in a place like this has taught me the value of making my own fun. Local bands, the county fair, local theater, parks, dive bars….that’s about all we have to offer. You have to make the most of it. Or you can sit at home and get stoned, or drive out to the desert and get drunk…..or go to swing parties (yes, it’s really a thing). I choose creativity, and I’m looking for someone else who does, too.


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