Don’t Say Hello

   This is one of the things you will find on many online dating profiles….”Don’t just send a message saying ‘Hi’ “.
   Seriously, this is one of the stupidest things I see. If I am interested in you and don’t yet know if the feeling is mutual, why should I put a lot of effort into a first message? ” Hi” is plenty to see if they are interested. If so, they will respond….I always do. If not, you likely won’t ever hear back, anyway.
   What’s the first thing you’d say if you met in person? “Hi”… conversation starters come after that.
   Personally, I don’t like profiles that are negative, anyway, or being told what to do/not do. Big turn off! If you can’t talk a little bit about yourself, then how do you expect someone to want to get to know you?


2 thoughts on “Don’t Say Hello

  1. So if you see someone you like in public or at a bar, you are just going to walk up and say “hi” and then stand there? No, you are going to say hi and follow it up with a comment or question in order to begin a back and forth conversation. When a girl sends me “hi” on a dating site it tells me she has no idea what she’s doing or is extremely lazy and I delete the message. If I did it to women my dates would cease to exist. Moral of the story is put in the effort.


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