Enjoying the Woo

   I guess that I can say I’ve been seeing this guy…..it’s been three times now, and another date set for tomorrow. We’re taking it slow….haven’t even kissed yet. I enjoy his company, we have common interests, and he’s a good person. I’m waiting to see if the romance grows.
   I guess he’s interested….he keeps coming around. Last night, he stopped by my friends party on his way home. I wasn’t really sure how he would get along with my friends…..liberal homeschooling lesbian bikers who like to drink and talk shit….but he actually got along great with them. That means a lot to me. My friends are important, and not going anywhere. If the person that I’m dating can’t be comfortable hanging out with my friends, they won’t last long.
   At my friends advice, I am letting this man woo me. I am really holding back and I am glad that I am. Last night, he asked me to dance with him. It was nice. It was our first real physical contact. It’s an interesting dynamic for me holding back on the physical relationship. I’m sure my friends are right, and it’s a good thing.
   We are going to the fair tomorrow, and I’m really looking forward to it. He entered some photographs, and I can’t wait to see them. I’ll even admit that I am harboring a secret fantasy of a top of the ferris wheel first kiss!


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