Weeder Questions

   If you’ve done any amount of online dating, you will probably be familiar with what “weeder questions” are. They are questions determined to weed out undesirable partners. After the initial chit chat, you will find one or more of these thrown in your direction. They may be as simple as “what do you do for a living”, or as complex as ” what happened with your last relationship”.
   We all have certain things that we are looking for, and certain things that we want to avoid. It’s a necessarily evil. It let’s you know the other party is serious about a relationship, but it does make you feel as if you’re on an interview.
   I’ve had some interesting experiences with being weeded out. One guy didn’t think that opposite sex friendships were appropriate. Many men want a woman who is established in a career
(Which I am not, since I spent 19 years being a stay home mom). I now shy away from anyone with younger kids, so I have dine my share of weeding.
   Last night, I had what I thought was a strange weeder question put to me…he wanted to know if my cat was indoor or outdoor. When I said indoor (which is the only safe place for a cat in the desert), he said EW, and then quickly asked what kind of movies I like. I understand that if you’re not a cat person, the idea of a litter box might gross you out. I live in a small apartment, and I take pride in the cleanliness of the whole place. I completely change out the litter once a week, scoop each day, and use pine litter which is the best for controlling odor. I have been told by guests that they cannot smell it. And really, who says EW to a potential date?
   The weeder questions say a lot more about the person asking than the person being asked. If you’re smart enough, you can get the information you’re looking for through a simple conversation. It also puts you in a better light, and proves your conversational skills. Just a thought…


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