Embracing Nature

   I was working out of town this week, and a conversation with some coworkers got me thinking about how we try to change ourselves, and why we do that. Isn’t life easier if we embrace our natural attributes?
    We had to be at work at 6:45am each morning. My roommate would shower the night before, and get up at 5:45 so that she could blow straight, flat iron, and then re-curl her naturally curly hair. I could have probably slept until 6, except that she woke me up doing her hair.
   We had another curly haired coworker who was talking about how long it took her to straighten her hair. If she blow dries it straight, it takes 10-15 minutes, but from curly it takes 45 minutes. Often these girls then curl their hair in a different way.
   I just can’t wrap my head around fighting the natural propensity of my hair each morning. Beating it down with product and tools, trying to make it be something that it is not. Maybe it’s just because I have straight hair, but if your hair is curly…wouldn’t it make more sense to embrace the curls and work with them….at least on a daily basis?
   I have always loved really curly hair….probably because my hair is so straight. I like to describe it as “Asian people straight”. Won’t hold a wave to save its life….
   I know this about my hair…it’s straight, flat, and limp. I choose hairstyles that work well with my hair type (currently an A-line Bob). I can’t imagine trying to make my hair curly every morning. The amount of time and effort just seems like it could be spent some other way.
   I guess this is just the way that I approach most problems, to work within the natural order of things. I don’t want a dress that I have to wear shapewear under to feel like I look ok, I want the dress that flatters my natural shape.
I guess that’s what makes me a low maintenance kinda gal…


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