Bound to Happen

   If you spend any amount of time on a dating website (or ap), and you live in a small community like I do….you’re bound to keep running into the same old folks over and over again. I knew that when I went back, I would be seeing familiar faces.
   This time, I am also using Tinder….because- why the hell not?? I don’t really expect to meet the man of my dreams there, but it’s a boredom buster. Every once in a while I open it up and swipe a few people. I have only had a few matches, and never even gotten a conversation out of it.
   The other day, I opened my Tinder and discovered a familiar face. I have seen other local people from other dating sites, but this was someone that I actually knew in person.
   Well, I met him on another dating site…so no surprise there. I liked him instantly…he made me feel like he would take care of me, and he called me ‘honey’. We dated for several months, but things were always complicated for him. His work, his kids, his family….
   I should have known, should have been able to read the red flags….I can now- thanks to him. He was my lesson in how to identify a married man. One night we went out to a bar to see a band play. Suddenly, he was nowhere to be found. He texted me to meet him at the back of the parking lot…his wife was there.
   Of course he had told me that they were divorced, and of course afterward he tried to convince me that I had misunderstood. No, I never had anything more to do with him.
   Last fall, he contacted me through Facebook…a desperate plea to please call him- he needed to talk to me. It went into my ‘other’ folder, and I didn’t see if for a month. I sent him a message back that I was not comfortable with that. He replied that he had been freaking out because his wife had been arrested for stealing from work (again….she had a history of this), and had wanted someone to talk to. Why he thought that I was the person to talk to about this is beyond me.
   So, the other day when I saw him on Tinder, I took a minute to look at his new pictures… to think about the good times that we had (we did have some), and then I remembered that sick feeling in my stomach when I realized that I had become ‘the other woman’. I quickly swiped left. I hope that he does not take this as an opportunity to contact me again…


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