Being ‘officially’ single again, I went back to the online dating sites. I’ve been here before, learned a lot, didn’t have much hope. Saw a lot of the same guys that I saw before…got a lot of the same messages. I don’t send a lot of messages (or answer them, either), but one day I was reading profiles and I could just tell this man was honest and sincere. He was local to me and we shared a lot of interests, and so I sent him a message.
   His messages were just like his profile…honest, sincere, and straight forward. We messaged for a few days, then he asked if we could text instead and gave me his number. We texted a little bit, and then he asked me if I’d like to go see his sons band play that night (we had talked about them previously).
   Every interaction with someone is different. Normally, I would be weary of meeting someone that I had been talking to for so short a period of time, and hadn’t spoken to in the phone or skyped…but I could just tell that this man was different. I said yes.
   We met at a restaurant for dinner. His son’s girlfriend happened to be our server, and he introduced me, which just proved how straight forward he is. We had a nice dinner, conversation was easy, and time passed quickly. He paid the bill, opened doors, and was very much a gentleman.
   After dinner, we drove our own cars to the bar where his son was playing. He introduced me to his son….who was very polite, and we saw one band play before his son’s band. It was dark and noisy, so difficult to have much conversation, but we were both enjoying the music. He would lean over and make a comment every once in a while, or I would. He put his hand on my back several times…I thought it was going well.
   It was a late night for me, and I had warned him of that. I couldn’t stop yawning after a certain point. As soon as his sons band finished, he said let’s get out of here. He waved a good bye to his son, and walked me to my car. He said a very curt I’ll talk to you again, and when I gave him a quick hug he felt stiff. It was late, and cold…but I figured that he just wasn’t into it, and I wouldn’t hear from him again.
   The next day, I told my friends that we had a nice time, he was a nice guy, but I didn’t think I’d hear from him again. That evening I got a text from him. I was pleased, and we went back and forth for a while. He caught me off guard with a message that said he didn’t get a strong vibe from me either way, and wanted to know how I was feeling. It was so refreshing to just be asked. The fact is that he read me just right. I had a good time, I thought that he was a really nice guy…. Sometimes it takes time for things to grow. It doesn’t have to be fireworks from the first time you meet. He liked that, and agreed. I wish more people would just ask, instead of assuming and making judgments.


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