My Minimal Life

   As I am forging my way into my new life, I have had the pleasant rediscovery that I am a minimalist. It’s something that I realized in my teen years, but after living with a hoarder for so long I had forgotten.
   My tiny little apartment, and my tiny little car, and my tiny little garage and backyard….they are enough for me ( and my cat and daughter when she’s here). They are not quite all as organized as I’d like, but they will all get there.
   Yesterday, I did a wardrobe purge. Now, I didn’t have a whole lot of excess to start out with….but it was annoying me to open drawers and see things that I no longer wore. The closet was feeling cramped, and so I knew that it was time to purge. I got rid of one trash bag of clothes, plus a few pair of shoes. Now my wardrobe is feeling manageable again. I would rather have one perfect item than several good items. That’s just the way that I have always been. With my weight loss, I’m sure that my wardrobe will be revolving a bit for a while, but it’s a manageable size for now. I have one smallish dresser (one of the drawers of which contains my boyfriends things), and a small walk in closet that also houses my lingerie chest, all of my coats and jackets, the vacuum, and my hamper. And yes, it’s big enough.
   Purging and making sure that all of my kept items are usable and in good condition makes me feel calm…centered….in control. I follow that rule about everything in your house needing to be useful or beautiful. The garage still has some surplus, but I intend to get to that as I am decorating the patio. Today, I saw strings of solar powered outdoor lights….oh yes, my patio needs these!


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