Dad’s Girlfriend

   I need to get something for the kids for easter….this whole ‘Dad’s Girlfriend’ thing is weird. I’m never quite sure what the protocol is. I wasn’t even going to get my own kid anything (I mean, she’s almost 16….a little old for the Easter Bunny), but he has Littles….and I wanted to get them something. So, everyone is getting a little something. But not his mom. I got her a Christmas gift, and then she made me feel totally unwelcome in his home. It’s not out of spite or vengeance, I just won’t spend the effort on someone who will probably never like me.
   It’s awkward being ‘Dad’s Girlfriend’ when Babymama is around…..and she’s always around. Not just for weekly kid exchanges, even during her weeks she comes to his house and puts the kids on and picks them up from the bus at his house. She is a prominent fixture at every holiday gathering, and is in constant contact by phone. Yesterday morning, she called him at 7:30 in the morning….just because she got to his house and he wasn’t there.
   I think his family thinks that our relationship is waning because I’m not constantly at his house. It’s not…I just refuse to let his mom bully me. I’ll come down for special events or to hang out with his friends, but that’s it.
   Things would be different, of course, if we were married (at least in his mothers eyes), but she would never accept me. She doesn’t know that I’m not a Believer…. (and I’m not about to tell her), or that my kids are both homosexual. She hid her own nephews Facebook page because he came out. I think her head would explode if she found out that my daughter is non-binary and gender fluid. She probably wouldn’t understand it.
   Sometimes I get caught wondering if I should say something to one of his kids when I see them doing something they shouldn’t be. I mean, everyone else seems to. It just feels weird when their mom is in the next room. I know that he trusts me and appreciates the help, but lines are not always clear.


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