For me, communication is the most difficult issue with my ex. In the beginning of our separation, we were still able to talk. But he overstepped his boundaries on a regular basis, and so I took steps to protect my boundaries and he stopped communicating with me.
   Our only source of communication is through text. I only text him about our daughter, or if his payment is late/I have mail for him, etc, so not very often. Many times, my texts go unanswered, or he replies days later. Sometimes, his girlfriend responds, pretending to be him.
   When I first saw my lawyer and we discussed the issues with communication, he told me about a website where we could set up a secure means of communication. At the time, I said no. Now, I am going to press forward with this idea. Every time my ex has to pay me more money, his girlfriend flips out and starts sending me nasty texts. I don’t need to deal with that, and I think it may be the only way around it.
   I am sure that she will flip out again when I re-open the child support case and they take child support payments directly out of his paycheck. But since he can’t manage his own finances, it’s the only to guarantee that I will get payments on time. I wish there was a way to do that with alimony as well.
   He’s complaining about not having any money, but what does he think that I have? His problem is that he can’t manage what he has, or live within his means. He never could. It never mattered how much he was making, we were always broke. If his girlfriend knew that, she might not be his girlfriend.


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