Middle of the Night Text

   When people hear that my ex has a live in girlfriend who is almost 15 years his junior, they often ask me “What’s she like?”
   I first have to make sure that my daughter or her friends are not in hearing distance, because I would never say the truth in front of her. She is a horrible, nasty, manipulative, aggressive, argumentative, self important, and lazy person. That is the truth, from my perspective.
   Of course, we’ve never even been officially introduced. My ex and I only see each other in person for legal matters. I had to ask that drop offs be done curbside, because he would come into my house and make himself at home in the recliner, or rifle through drawers/cabinets/the garage, looking for things. Things that he had ample time to come and get as he was moving out.
   So when he moved his girlfriend in with him, he didn’t introduce her or even let me know that she was moving in. Instead, when I filed for child support through the system; she pitched a fit and started sending me nasty texts through my exes phone. She upset my son so much that he rode his bike to my house to warn me that she was ready to come over and beat me up.
   Yes, this is the person that my ex chooses to share his life with. I got another one of her texts in the middle of the night last night. They are pretty much always the same…how dare I “take” money…from my husband of 20 years….I should get a job (which I have, and oddly enough neither she nor my 19 year old son are working)….and this one added that I am taking a college fund away from the kids, and food out of their “precious” mouths…
   What she doesn’t realize, is that even when we had all of my exes salary supporting one household, we never had a savings. It never mattered how much he made- he always spent every last cent. I love my kids, but they are hardly precious babies…they are teenagers, and they have plenty to eat. If she’s so concerned about it, she should get her own job and contribute to the household.
   I don’t reply….I won’t engage with her, for the kids sake. It’s frustrating, and when it comes up in court my ex acts like he doesn’t know about it and that he’s told her to stop. He acts like she hasn’t turned my son against me, which I believe is the case. He acts as if the whole thing has nothing to do with him, which is just not true.
   I’m not stealing money from my ex….this what the court has decided is fair. I didn’t have any more control over it than he did….and he willingly signed settlement papers which stipulate that alimony will go on indefinitely, so she had better get used to it.


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