Loose Lips Lose Jobs…

   For the last year, I have been doing a job that were this blog not anonymous, I would not even be able to talk about. It’s strange to have a job that you can’t disclose certain information about.
   Actually, it’s a strange job. It’s independent contract work, so I never know when I am going to be working, or where. Even after we find out when and where, we never know what exactly we’ll be doing, or who we’re working for until we actually get there.
   I love the travel aspect…even though the hours can be rough. I get to work with some great people, and some not so great….but the longer that I do this the more weird it gets.
   Even though this isn’t a job that I do every day, I work one of these events about once a month. We have a couple of clients that we work for repeatedly. I’ve been doing this for a year now, so I’ve gotten to know people. I always thought that networking  was a good thing…
   The last email that I got from my boss was outlining details for our next job. She says specifically that we are not to have ANY conversations with anyone other than the small group of us that are working for her. Now, I can’t go into much detail, but this is an environment where we are working for one company, who is working for another company, and several other groups are hired for different aspects of the job. Most of these other contractors are ones that we work with on a regular basis.
   It’s a little odd to be told that you’re not allowed to have a conversation with anyone that you’re working with, and frankly it worries me. I am the friend that you don’t want to tell your secrets to. I have the best of intentions, but secrets are too much pressure. The minute that I open my mouth, they all come tumbling out. I’m afraid that verbotin conversations will do the same thing, especially since we’re working with our chattiest client.


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