So….That Happened

   Court went pretty much as I expected it to today…they found that the Hasbeen wasn’t paying enough support and it got bumped up. The judge completely ignored his request for me to change my name, and we were set to move forward with our next appointment in April.
   Something must have finally clicked in the Hasbeen’s brain. Every time we go into that courtroom, he ends up paying me more money. I see it, the lawyers see it, I guess he finally sees it because as soon as we walked out of the courtroom he turned to my lawyer and said he was ready to settle.
   We signed the settlement papers right then and there. There’s still a few more forms to fill out and file, but…I’m divorced? After two years of fighting, a year of lawyers and three trips to the courtroom…. it’s over.
   I’m relieved…..not happy, but content to be able to move on with the next phase of my life. Whatever that is.



2 thoughts on “So….That Happened

  1. Congrats – the hardest part is letting go of the resentment and working on YOU! YOU should be proud of yourself for having to deal with this ‘ordeal’ for the time you have, but you’ve now got the freedom to move forward. I’m trying to teach those lessons to my own sister now (divorce) – I stayed married longer than necessary (for my kids – daughter) but I’m thrilled that she NOW (as a young adult) truly knows what I sacrificed for her and still loves me. I hold no ill will toward my ex (now) and proud of what I too have accomplished! “HOPE” you won’t have to wait as long as I did… 🙂

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