No Green Beer for Me

   Today is St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone who is anyone is out drinking green beer or Guinness. Not me. I’m home, picking out an outfit for yet another unnecessary court hearing about my divorce….the divorce that never ends.
   This will be the first time that I have legal representation with me. I am looking forward to having someone who knows what they are doing speaking for me. My ex had the luxury of that the first two times. 
   This is about money….it’s always about money. After 20 years of marriage and being a stay home mom, my ex believes that he should not have to financially support me. I left everything and everyone I knew to move away so that he could finish his degree. I supported and enhanced his career instead of my own because we were a team. I offered to settle out of court for less than what I believe a judge will rule for just to get it finished, and he would not agreewas
    His newest stunt is to ask that the court require me to change my name back. It’s ridiculous…. I have had my married name as long as my maiden one, and I see no reason to go through the hassle of changing it.
   Instead of mailing his response to me, he had his girlfriend bring it to my apartment….along with my son- the one that won’t speak to me. I don’t know what she thought she was going to say or do, but she froze and I had to ask for the papers. I’m hoping she doesn’t show up in court, but I have a good friend coming to sit with me. I just want all of this to be over!


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