How Do You Know?

   How do you know, at the beginning of a relationship, which things you can handle and which you can’t? In the long term, I’m talking. How can you tell if someone’s zealously religious mother will drive you over the edge, or if their easy going attitude will allow people to walk all over them  in a way that makes your head explode.
   I mean, let’s face it- nobody is perfect. We all have flaws, and by middle age you better have some baggage and some past experience….or there is something very wrong. But how can you tell what you will be able to deal with? And how do you choose what the trade off is? Is cooking and cleaning enough in my exchange for putting up with a micromanaging ex? Does amazing sex counter balance a big, noisy family?
   I guess that time is the only way to answer those questions. I am at the point now where I am starting to weigh the pros and con’s of my relationship. I’m not quite sure which side is winning


2 thoughts on “How Do You Know?

  1. You won’t know – but look back at your post, “I Had Forgotten”. 🙂 Just a word of warning, as I said in my previous comment – 3 years in to this relationship and I’m struggling intensely with being a GF, living with him & his son (but not being the stepmom) and as I said before – I keep losing myself (periodically). HE (Michael) is a great guy, but he has moments that test me (I was married much longer than he was & my kids are much older & gone). SO just evaluate YOUR needs, try to keep from micro-managing him but be honest with him (and yourself) on what you want/expect and always find laughter!

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  2. I’m grappling with the same thing myself although it’s coming from an entirely cynical point of view. It’s still not been a full year since my divorce was finalized, so that taste is impacting how I view current and future relationships. I often find myself wondering, how do I know this won’t be a something that becomes a big deal to me down the road. Or how do two people ever come together and stay together without the other changing in a way that deteriorates the foundation they thought they were building together? Basically, I have no clarity for you, only more questions of my own!

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